Crab sticks salad!

i have a very complicated son number 4, who only has a small list of dishes, that he eats. And pretty much, doesn’t eat anything else, that I cook. This salad is on the list…lol. You can use either frozen or chilled crab sticks. If using frozen, like me, make sure they are fully defrosted before starting cutting them. Ingredients: Crab sticks- 1 kg ( can be reduced) chopped  Canned corn- 2 cans, drained  Cucumber- 1 large peeled and diced  Eggs- 8-10 boiled, finely chopped  Chives- 1 bunch chopped  Mayonnaise- 200 g Salt, pepper  Directions: Combine all the ingredients. Done. … Continue reading Crab sticks salad!