Indonesian Sambal.

At the moment I am in Bali for 2 months and I have a wonderful girl Desi, cooking for me. She makes amazing sambal and today she thought me how to make it. And of course, I am sharing it with you.

Apparently there are few versions of sambal, but this one is mine.

Ingredients :

Chillies small red fresh whole -1/2 cup

Shallots, here we have very tiny shallots that are perfect for this, but any shallots are fine or 1/2 of red onion, if you don’t have it. – diced.

Lime -1/2 teaspoon of juice.

Sugar-free half teaspoon.

Shrimp paste – 1/3 teaspoon.

Salt -a pinch

Dry chicken stock-1/3 teaspoon.

Oil- 2 teaspoons

You will also need a pestle and mortar, as according to Desi, machines will never give a required result.


Remove ends from chillies. Then wash and dry them.

In a mortar crush all chillies with a pinch of salt ,sugar, shrimp paste, stock and lime juice.

Add oil to a frying pan, cook onions till scorched in places.

And immediately add to crushed

chillies, mix it in and serve.


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