Bio: I live in a beautiful Perth, Western Australia, and i cook for many years, for me and my family. Clearly after cooking for a long time, you get good at it and you collect a lot of recipes. And i want to share with you as much as i can. Every-time i will cook something interesting, i will it share it with you. We need food to live. If you don't put fuel in the car it's not going to move. I try to put in it good quality fuel as I love my car. I also love myself and my family, so since eating is inevitable for humans to survive, why not to put a good fuel. People in the world maybe different, but what we all have in common is a need to have food, might as well make it a good experience ,if you can. What do they say "a way to man's heart is through the stomach .Honestly, I prefer my food to anyone else's. Practice makes it perfect, and I practice too much. I cook the dishes from all over the world, and collect the recipes. Welcome to my blog and hopefully you will find something interesting and useful. My website is alinacancook.com

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10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! Thanks for liking one of my recipes, much appreciated! You have quite a collection of recipes; a great cooking resource available to all. It’s great that you’re willing to share your passion with others.

    Best of luck in your blogging journey!


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  2. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog. the On Food category was a new addition so I don’t have enough posts yet. Your blog lay out makes me want to try every single recipe you have here. XD I think I shall make some for Christmas (if my mom approves). Definitely looking forward to more recipes. Much love!

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      1. Sure will! Thanks! I am usually doing the cooking while Mum supervises what the dishes would be. And no one is allowed to make dessert, only me. XD

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